Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drink This, Not That!

When you are trying to lose weight and control the number of calories you are consuming, one of the first areas of your diet to look at is your beverage intake. Most people would agree, they would rather dedicate calories to satisfying, filling food vs. sugary beverages.

So drink THIS, not THAT for 1 cup/8oz beverages

  • Skim milk = 80 kcal & 0g fat NOT Whole milk = 150 kcal & 8g fat

  • Tea (iced or hot) no sweetener added = 0kcal NOT Sweet tea = 120 kcal

  • Light orange juice = 50 kcal NOT Regular juice = 130kcal and 30g sugar

  • Starbucks tall "Skinny" latte = 90 kcal NOT tall Starbucks caramel macchiato = 180kcal
  • If alcohol is in your budget - Wine spritzer or light beer ~90kcal NOT Margarita ~500kcal

Finally the big one: drink _____ not coke (soda, pop, whatever you like to call it).

The answer is not diet soda! Drink water instead. I'm going to talk some more about soda - including diet - in a blog all its own!

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