Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Drains

We frequently ask ourselves, where does all our time go? Continue to log your activities every day for a week to get an accurate picture of how your time is being spent. Then look through those activities and ask

  • Is this something I have to do?
    Is this something I like to do (but don't have to)?
  • Are there things I WANT to do that I'm not doing?
  • Are there things I am doing that I don't have to and don't honestly enjoy that much?

Today, consider anything that falls within the last category because this is one of the easiest ways to find more time. Are there things you are doing that are not benefitting you or anyone else, but are time-consuming? Often, these are things that "suck you in". Maybe they are things you need to invest some time in, but not to the extent you have been. For example:

  • You need to check your email but you don't need to completely read through every newsletter and chain message you get or click on every link. Skim for what is important and relevant and delete the rest.
  • It's ok to watch TV programs that you truly enjoy, but are you zoning out and watching shows that don't interest or entertain you? Pick a few programs each week and stick to watching only those.
  • Time on the internet - spent in countless ways (social media, youtube, news, celebrity gossip). Set a certain amount of time you allow yourself to be on the computer and then SHUT IT DOWN!
Simply identifying these time drains can help you find a few extra hours a week to exercise and/or plan and prepare your meals. Are there other areas where you find yourself losing track of time, but not really gaining any tangible benefits?

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