Monday, February 15, 2010

Food Diary & Calorie Tracking

How do you know how many calories you're eating each day? You can do it the "old fashioned" way - writing down everything you eat and the nutrition information, and adding up by hand.

There are many great resources for tracking your food intake electronically as well.

  • This is a USDA site that has TONS of great information and resources. You can also set up an account for FREE and enter all your food in. It will help you to track your calories and also how balanced your diet is - how you are eating across various food groups.
  • Type "calorie counter" or "food diary"into your search engine and you will find many websites that allow you to log your food and obtain all the information you need. A few examples
  • Apps for your phone: two of my favorites are "My Fitness Pal" and "Lose It!". If you have a phone with this capability, you can keep your food log with you everywhere you go.

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  1. I use It can be cumbersome, but it's free.